Event organization

Event organization is a complex process. In order for the event to be successful, you need a good location, excellent lecturers and, of course, a reliable team of experts.

One of the services that Dedal communication offers is the organization of events. Together, our event team has over 50 years of experience, and the roles are specialized: sound master, specialist in teleconference solutions, video editor and videographer. We are working with top-quality audio-video equipment that rivals television production.

Live, virtual or hybrid? Thanks to the possibilities we offer, you can combine all three.

Trust us for:

  • Technical support at the event
  • Ensuring image and sound quality at the level of TV production
  • Recording and production of various types of events (lectures, conferences, statements, interviews, new product launch)
  • Montage and editing of recorded materials
  • Customization of promotional videos – adding subtitles or voice-over
  • Invitation of participants and attendance reports of virtual/hybrid events
  • Recording of live events for permanent use in the education of target groups

The event platform is an inevitable tool

The Event platform is indispensable for a successful event. Branding, easy to use, multi-functionality and security – these are the main characteristics that make Nobula, an ideal partner when organizing an event.

With our event team, every event is premium!

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