Multimedia production

For all your multimedia needs, two studios are available for recording, holding virtual and hybrid events or meetings, educating the general or professional audiences, and other options you may desire.

Record, edit, publish – the full cycle

State-of-the-art audio and video equipment is available – not only for events but for pre-recording as well. Recording can take place under the controlled conditions of one of our studios or in a provisional on-site studio at a location that suits you. Yes, we can record on location.

Through the partnership we have built over the years with hotels in the largest cities in Croatia, we can arrange for conferences to be recorded in various hotel conference halls.

What about video adaptation?

A professional and experienced team works on both production and post-production. We can adapt promotional and other video material to all your needs – for example, to websites or social networks.

Count on us:

  • Recording and production of lectures, conferences, statements, interviews
  • Adapting promotional videos – adding subtitles or voice-overs
  • Recording and editing of promotional videos
  • Rent a studio for all your needs

Our location

Dedal communication d.o.o.

Konzum center, 2nd floor

Zagrebačka cesta 231

Zagreb 10000, Croatia

how to reach us?
Zagrebačka cesta, 231 Zagreb 10000, Hrvatska


Working hours

Mon-Fri: 09-13

Sat-Sun: We don’t work

Contact us

Tel: 01 3866 905


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