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Education and training

We firmly believe in the power of knowledge and that is why education is at the heart of our biggest projects. By mediating the exchange of knowledge and experience among healthcare professionals, we can undoubtedly achieve better treatment outcomes for patients. On the other hand, by providing the general public with reliable and accurate health information, we put the key to their health in their own hands.


The world is changing at the speed of light, but in recent years the value of data has remained unchanged. Today, data is its own currency – because no one wants to make decisions without having relevant information about the potential positive or negative impact. For our partners, we research the market because we value the opinion of the audience we serve, and we focus on giving them what they want and need.

Event planning

Dedal Communications’ portfolio of services is a dynamic one. Here is a list of our key services – from market research to training for healthcare professionals and the general public to production and post-production support.

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Dedal communication d.o.o.

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Zagrebačka cesta 231

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Zagrebačka cesta, 231 Zagreb 10000, Hrvatska


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