In desire to offer something new and different, we decided to go one step further and create online magazine MedSpot. Our mission is always to be “in” in medicine and pharmacy.

  • In topics

In MedSpot, we discuss hot topics in a health care that you will not find in the mainstream media.  We discover new trends and important changes in medicine and pharmacy through interviews and articles created by doctors, pharmacists and scientists who are recognized in their profession. Also, we educate. That is why there are two versions of MedSpot-for healthcare professionals and for general public.

Each issue is specialized and covers a specific topic in the field of healthcare.

First issue for general public, you can read here.

Second issue, you can find on this link.

  • Innovative and zero waste

We put the reader in an active position and enable him to get all the necessary information in just a few clicks. That is why articles in MedSpot have videos, photos and links. Innovative design is also our strength.

Printing MedSpot would require over four tons of paper, or about 70 trees cut down. Climate change and digitization have encouraged us to move completely into the online sphere, which makes MedSpot a “zero waste” magazine.

Our team is behind the entire process of making the magazine – from interviewing, video production to graphic design. Production is another service that makes MedSpot different from others.

Regardless of the platform, our magazine reflects the fundamental values of the journalistic profession, which are truthfulness, accuracy and impartiality. Together with our clients, we want to encourage creating space with better health outcomes and community health in general.

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