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Dedal Communications is synonymous with healthcare education. Our team consists of a group of creative individuals and collaborators driven by a passion for innovation. We live in a time when many believe everything has already been invented, but we disagree and see ourselves as an incubator of ideas.

We released our first video lectures back in 2011. We set out as visionaries into the then unestablished and unexplored field of online education. In the beginning, we were driven primarily by the vision and enthusiasm of our founder and director – Zoran Milas. We did not just sit back and wait for digitalization to come to us and our country, but tirelessly developed new projects year after year, expanding our offer and adapting to the market. Today, our projects are living their best lives, and so are we through them.

Our future is clear. Growth is inevitable but desirable, and we will direct it far beyond the borders of our small country. We continue to work on our marketing strategies, interactive educational modules, and continue to invest in the quality of our audiovisual equipment.

In addition to all our business goals, we are also focused on growing as individuals –people, colleagues, and professionals.


We try to impress.


Our headquarters is in Croatia, but we also provide services in Slovenia and the Czech Republic – in partnership with VI vis from Slovenia. Our short-term goal is to expand our business in Europe.


The best European agency for marketing services in health.

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Dedal communication d.o.o.

Konzum center, 2nd floor

Zagrebačka cesta 231

Zagreb 10000, Croatia

how to reach us?
Zagrebačka cesta, 231 Zagreb 10000, Hrvatska


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Mon-Fri: 09-13

Sat-Sun: We don’t work

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Tel: 01 3866 905


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