Satisfied participants, interesting lecturers, perfect scenery – are some of the characteristics of a successful event. What most people see is actually just the “tip of the iceberg” behind which there is a lot of work, effort, and preparation.

Event organization is, believe it or not, one of the most stressful activities. From visible items such as choosing a hotel and hall to the smallest details such as napkins and flowers on tables, technical support – all of this and much more are the tasks of the organizers.

  • Avoid hotel equipment

If the price is not the only measure for you, try to avoid hotel equipment. Usually, it is outdated technology that hardly withstands today’s requirements for hybrid conferences. In the last few years, the technique has been completely digitized, and there are still analog devices on hotel locations that are difficult to match with the rest of the equipment.

  • Rely on top-notch technicians

Another, no less important moment, is people. Hotel technicians are not just technicians, they are responsible for other everyday tasks in which your event is not a priority.

Don’t improvise

Most agencies involved in realization do not have enough knowledge about the technical aspect, so that part is left to improvisation between hotel technology and a couple of students. But it is the most affordable option.

  • Share every detail

If you have decided to go for professionals, try to tell them every detail. For example, if you plan for the lecturer to join from the operating room, the technicians must know that. They need to predict how to realize it, and above all, test every detail. If something goes wrong, professionals will find an alternative approach in the shortest possible time.

  • Price justifies quality

The fact is that you will spend a larger amount for a professional team, but look at it as an investment in safety. Given the amount of work, solutions that experts offer, and support, the price really justifies the quality.

Wondering how we know all this?

One of the services that Dedal Komunikacije offers is event organization. Our team together has over 50 years of experience in these types of events. Roles in the team are specialized, sound engineer, video engineer, specialist in teleconferencing solutions, video editor, cameraman, and so on. The numbers speak for themselves – 50 years of experience.

With our team, every event is premium!

Email is one of many digital tools that we can use to reach out to clients. Quality mailing opens up opportunities for interaction, value creation, and the development of successful relationships. Emails are rightfully called marketing amplifiers.

How to increase interaction?

However, not all emails are successful. Statistics can be discouraging in some cases. Too much text, an unappealing design, grammatical errors… these are just some of the reasons why a mailing doesn’t achieve the desired goal. Even if it’s flawlessly composed, there must be a very good reason for arousing interest. In that case, personalization is key! The result is a higher level of interaction and two-way communication. Wondering how to achieve this?

Quiz – an ideal instrument

A quiz is a simple way to collect data that can be extremely useful in establishing a relationship with a targeted population and consolidating it. Regardless of age group, quizzes are a good choice for all companies that want to arouse genuine interest. With a quiz, you can increase awareness of a particular topic, check knowledge, test recall of promotional campaigns, refer to educational materials, etc.

Quiz benefits

From the above, it is obvious that the possibilities of a quiz are numerous, and the benefits are as follows:

  • Higher recipient engagement
  • Higher response rate
  • Short form is attractive to participants
  • Does not take up much time for participants
  • Quiz can be accessed via mobile phone
  • Preparation and execution in approximately 2 weeks

How do we know this? The Dedal team has years of experience in this. We program the quiz in a special tool and ultimately deliver an analytical report to the client. High engagement is a confirmation for both clients and us that we have done the job right. Therefore, if you want to take advantage of all the benefits of a quiz, contact Dedal!