For all your multimedia needs, two studios are available for recording, holding virtual and hybrid events or meetings, educating the general or professional audiences, and other options you may desire.

Regoč studio – capacity for up to five panelists
Hlapić studio – capacity for up to three panelists – for recording lectures or podcasts

Record, edit, publish – the full cycle

State-of-the-art audio and video equipment is available – not only for events but for pre-recording as well. Recording can take place under the controlled conditions of one of our studios or in a provisional on-site studio at a location that suits you. Yes, we can record on location.

Through the partnership we have built over the years with hotels in the largest cities in Croatia, we can arrange for conferences to be recorded in various hotel conference halls.

What about video adaptation?

A professional and experienced team works on both production and post-production. We can adapt promotional and other video material to all your needs – for example, to websites or social networks.

Count on us:

  • Recording and production of lectures, conferences, statements, interviews
  • Adapting promotional videos – adding subtitles or voice-overs
  • Recording and editing of promotional videos
  • Rent a studio for all your needs

Dedal Communications is a pioneer in the field of online continuing education for healthcare professionals. In ten years, the e-medikus portal has become the leading platform for on-demand online education. In addition, we have organized live webinars for doctors, pharmacists, and nurses since the beginning of the pandemic.

Our partners have responded well to the concept of education centers, which allow users to access a range of educational courses in a specific medical field in one place.

We are particularly proud of the innovative training modules that put the object of the training in an active position. Our greatest strength is the trust that our customers have built over the years. This is exactly why more than 12,000 healthcare professionals have registered on the e-medikus portal.

Online and offline!

We have added another channel to the health professional education portal – Stethoscope Magazine. The circulation of the magazine is five thousand copies, which we distribute free of charge to five thousand addresses of doctors and pharmacists. We also publish a digital edition, which we send to the e-mail addresses of 12,000 health professionals – e-medikus users. We promote a multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary approach to the topics we cover and act as a meeting place for young medical workers and established professionals.

Why multichannel?

The multichannel approach to communication – in this case, education – allows the target audience to decide for themselves which channel they want to use. Many doctors and pharmacists prefer digital channels – so a digital presence is inevitable. Since the channel through which education is consumed is ultimately a matter of preference, it is important to cover all areas and include offline channels as well.

Count on us:

  • To reach a large number of members of your target audience
  • To combine different communication and educational channels
  • For the development of interactive educational modules
  • For comprehensive support for training development – from contacting lecturers, recording and editing to publishing and inviting participants
  • For accurate reports on the reach and success of training/education course